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I am a few kilometers away from the Indian occupied part of Jammu Kashmir. I can directly contact any part of the world, but not my own home state of Jammu Kashmir whose inhabitants are living under constant curfew since 5th of August 2019, when the Indian premier Narendra Modi autocratically abrogated autonomic status of Jammu Kashmir. Ever since, the people of Jammu Kashmir communicate indirectly restoring pre postal era of communication, where people used to send letters through a third party by hand. People have retrieved their years old radios with limited service. Only the 2 Gb internet facility has been recently allowed. Anyone seen using VPN is charged and imprisoned. The press is stll not regular. People can’t visit their relatives. Children can’t go to schools, because some children just disappear and parents have no way to find out of their whereabouts. The Indian armed forces enter any house they want. They abduct young girls and imprison youths without giving them any reason. It is extremely hard to get medications. Patients are often refused to be transported to hospitals. Medical staffs are bullied by the soldiers. These are but a few examples of the ongoing oppression and human rights abuses in Jammu Kashmir.

However, what is more painful is the fact that the so called “International Community” seems to have reconciled itself with the plight of the people of Jammu Kashmir. The United Nations had been set up for international peace and justice, but peace and justice have become the victim of UNSC, which has itself adopted political prejudice as a way of life. India’s prejudiced and intolerant Prime Minister Modi is not only against Kashmiris, but all non Hindus. As Jammu Kashmir Council for Human Rights affiliated with the United Nations and headed by Dr. Nazir Gilani reported to the Secretary General of United Nations, (General Assembly Document, Agenda Item 9, Sept. 2019) , ‘the Indian prime minister Narendra Modi rejects India as a secular state, because he considers Hinduism as a superior religion.” His mother Rashtriya Swayamsevak Singh party openly tortures non Hindus to force them to embrace Hinduism or leave India, Yet, no action has been taken by international community against such unashamed human rights abuses, because political morality and ethics has become relative.

Strictly speaking, there is no “International Community”, but I use this term for convenience so that the readers can understand who I am talking about. The term International Community is used by imperialistic powers, who think their views and interests are the views and interests of the whole world. The International Community referred to by the imperialists is not inclusive. Otherwise, everyone should feel a part of it and equally secure and protected.

The political world has never been ideal, but it has got worse since the lack of international balance of power . America used the rich conservative Muslim states to destroy the Soviet Union and then turned against the Muslims. Most of the Muslim rulers have no clue what they are doing. They only play with peoples emotions, while the states are run by the ground realities. The rich Arab states repeatedly told Pakistan they could not support Pakistan’s Kashmir policy on religious grounds, because there are more Muslims in India than in Pakistan. President Erdogan of Turkey has often raised the Kashmir Issue and reiterated his support to Pakistan rather than to the people of Jammu Kashmir. Erdogan has addressed Pakistan’s parliament’s joint session during his two day visit to Islamabad, where he reiterated unflinching support to Pakistan for Kashmir, but he doesn’t seem to know that Pakistan’s Kashmir policy was set up by Britain to divide Jammu Kashmir. He needs to be briefed that he is following the British Kashmir Policy, but how it is possible if he doesn’t directly communicate with the representatives of the Movement for the reunification of Jammu Kashmir. Anyone sympathizing with the people of Jammu Kashmir should engage directly with the people of JK.

Malaysia has sacrificed its trade with India over Jammu Kashmir, but neither Pakistan nor Turkey has even limited their trade with India as a protest against India’s oppression on Jammu Kashmir. The continued rhetoric is not going to solve any problem. Modi announced and implemented his policy, while the Muslim rulers only deliver emotional speeches. The people of Jammu Kashmir, however, have improvised their resistance refusing the Indian government order to open shops and send children to schools. The people say they will continue the policy of non co-operation.

The End.