In the previous dossier, we discussed Russia and China in relation to the significance of their rise as a potential axis. The other side of the coin is the already existing hegemonic center of global imperialism. Since the end of the Cold War, the United States has appeared not only as the most powerful imperialist country but even as the head of an apparently unipolar world order. Particularly since the 2008 Economic Crisis, the US’s position has weakened and a challenge to its global hegemony took place. In this dossier, we take up the questions of how US imperialism is responding to the crisis and what the popular trends of resistance and reaction are in the center of international imperialism.

We look forward to your contributions on historical and contemporary issues, including but not limited to topics such as the following:

  • The history of the United States and its peoples: settlers/colonizers, indigenous peoples, Afro-Americans, recent immigrants, etc.
  • The decline of US global hegemony: economic power and challenges, military power and challenges, relations with political/economic formations such as the BRICS, EU, etc.
  • Trump, Sanders, and the erosion of the political centrism, electoral and extra-electoral reemergence of left and right.
  • Youth in politics, new forms of organizations and leadership: the DSA, Marxist Center, the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement, etc.
  • New municipalisms: Cooperation Jackson, the Jackson-Kush Plan, etc.
  • The Women’s Movement in the Trump era: Women’s March, #MeToo, etc.
  • LBGT+ movements: history, context, policy, current perspectives and contradictions.
  • Indigenous struggles, yesterday and today: the reservation system, the American Indian Movement, Standing Rock, etc.
  • The new right: the rise of fascism in the form of Alt-Right, Proud Boys, etc.
  • Neoliberalism and its discontents: export of industry and import of labor, the decline of industry in Detroit, the Rust Belt, etc.
  • Immigration and empire: Trump’s travel bans, ICE, border wall proposal, migrant caravans, etc.
  • Historical and contemporary trends in Afro-American struggle in the US North: Black Panthers, Black Liberation Army, League of Revolutionary Black Workers, #BlackLivesMatter, etc.
  • Latin America in the empire: Aztlán, unionization of farmworkers in the US southwest, Puerto Rico and Cuba, Hurricane Maria, etc.

Deadline for Turkish-language articles: February 15th, 2019.

Deadline for English-language articles: February 1st, 2019

(taking into consideration the time required for translation).

The publication date for the dossier will be March 1st, 2019.


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We kindly request your contribution.

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